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Vibgyor High School
Participant Mindfulness for Teens

How Mindfulness helped me open my heart and feel for everyone including taking care of myself?

Before Mindfulness

I know that as a 15-year-old, so many students feel different about their growing needs, body and mind. At times we feel so distant and sad that a sense of loneliness creeps in. Before mindfulness, I used to feel very lonely and inexpressive. I was not able to reply to someone and follow as they said. This affected in school classes where I would think of music, talks, imagine something, feel loneliness and get headaches. I would eat junk food a lot and would get depressed, traumatic and feel bad about myself. I was not able to stay at a fixed point and would be scared to talk to someone. I was lacking in confidence. I was not able to write my exams, could not think and remember better before exams.

After Mindfulness

I was very relaxed and my body felt so calm, soothing and away from my negative thoughts which were, in reality holding me and my body a hostage. I understood after a few more classes that I was not connecting my thoughts/questions to the correct answer. As my body was so relaxed, I was able to understand what my mind is doing and started taking time for the responses. I feel so happy that all my thoughts just disappeared during the practice and enjoyed remaining in the present moment. This helped in my academic/sports classes. I became more aware during lectures and listened carefully. I now feel relaxed and free from headaches. I am able to remember everything carefully during exams and my thinking power has increased. I am able to control my thoughts were controlling my body.

I feel free and happy now.