Mindfulness for corporates

Mindful Compassionate Leadership Programme

Mindful Compassionate Leadershhip Programme

Leadership is leading with full presence of body, mind and heart. Compassion is the core of people management skills. Areyou struggling to be present in a mindful, compassionate way with your organization? Would you like to introduce more balance and ease in your interactions, while remaining focussed on your goals and growth?

Program highlights

  • Leading with Presence
  • Guiding, holding, organising others with mindful compassion
  • Learning to empower teams with balance
  • Self-care for Leading the growth
  • Mindfulness for Active Decision Making
  • Communication and Conflict Handling
  • Openness and non-judgmental responding to challenges.
  • Inclusivity and Diversity Training

Duration: Day Long and 4 Weeks training available

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Mindfulness based diversity training

Mindfulness can help us open our hearts and minds to not only see our own presence but also be inclusive and compassionate towards others.This is a unique training offered to bring insightful, compassionate awareness and dialogue on diversity. 

Wellness or Destress Package

Offices are much more than a place of work. The work stress affects every professional at some stage. While the offices are equipped with dealing with many of the  work related issues, an easy Mindfulness practice for professionals can be introduced for individuals to incorporate a wholesome Destress package for corporate staff from bringing mindful awareness in their lives, from basics of what it is about, to applying it at work and in their social interaction. It will entail,
Here are some links to exciting studies that relate how Mindfulness has benefitted everyone from Google to school goers.
How can you easily loveUnleashing power of mindfulness in corporations

Corporate Mindfulness Session (Single/Groups)

Program highlights

Mindful Corporate Focus Group

For continuing practice, individuals and teams will be guided on how to share and grow their practice by creating aMindful Focus Group.Online support, mentor guidance and downloadable will be made available to the trained staff.

Day Long and 4 Weeks


above 21 years

Program Sessions

30 - 40 minutes


Can be arranged at the workplace, online or other suitable venue for groups.Contact to discuss fee and other customised plans.

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