Mindfulness for Teachers

Resilience, Kindness and Awareness for Self and Others

It is often overlooked that the educationists who strive to shape the lives of students, face extreme
stress and burnt outs. Teaching is a demanding and challenging profession, to keep up with the needs and requirements of different students, to ensure the results are best for everyone; it takes a lot from a teacher’s mind and space.Research has found that Mindfulness can bring calm and balance to the overwhelmed minds of teachers. A new study from the University of Virginia provides strong evidence that mindfulness training for teachers can help them cope better with stress on the job while also making the classroom environment more productive for learning.

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Jha, A. P., Krompinger, J.,& Baime, M. J. (2007). Mindfulness training modifies subsystems of attention. Cognitive, Affective, & Behavioral Neuroscience, 7(2),109–119.

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Mindful Stop for Teachers: Attention,Balance, Compassion, Resilience

Benefits of the Course for Educators


Mindful Stop for Teachers: Attention,Balance, Compassion, Resilience


4 Weeks Certification Training

Program Sessions

30 - 40 minutes


The Program can be arranged either at schools, activity centres at a designated location oroffered independently to a group of children from various backgrounds at any venue across

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